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About Us

AL-IPEK Textile was established in 1966 by our co-founder partner Kadir ŞANKAYA in Bursa. Our company has been renewing with over half an experience since 1966 and continues its activities in various branches of textile sector. AL-IPEK Textile which is one of the leading companies in recycling sector, is one of the first white shoe firm of polyester, fiber and polymers based polyester in Turkey.


%100 Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber We are producing high quality solid, hollow, hollow conjugate types of polyester staple fibers with color variations, 1.4 to 15 deniers, 32 mm to 151 mm cut… PET Regenerated Chips We are producing black, white and beige colors high-viscosity PET Regenerated Chips in our production line.

Contact Us

Head Office Address: K.Balikli Mah. Muhittin Kircal Sok. No:21 Osmangazi BURSA TURKEY Tel: +90(224)2151936 Fax: +90(224)2151941 Other: +90(224)2152437 +90(224)2152438 Factory Address: Tekstil Organize San.Bol. 117.Cad. No: 509 USAK TURKEY